Get behind the wheel and rev up the content.

As a One Touch Intelligence portal client, you’ll enjoy full access to a highly intuitive, custom-built user interface that makes designing and organizing your portal as easy as dragging an icon around a screen. The fifth-generation interface that’s built into every One Touch Intelligence portal lets you do everything from naming and branding your site to creating, arranging and optimizing the sections and folders that house important documents. Go to town on your own, or enlist your dedicated portal support team to help. Either way, the end result is a completely customized, brand-tailored intelligence resource that’s as inviting as it is engaging.

Custom Branded

Personalize the Portal with your brand identity.


Facilitate Portal actions with easy-to-use modular widgets, that let you manage everything from content searching to communicating with other users to establishing links to frequently accessed searches and external sites.


Information Taxonomy

All metadata used in the system for content tagging can be uniquely defined by you.

Alerts & Notifications

Send Portal notifications to corporate email addresses, alerting users of new and important content postings. Global notification settings are customized to your preferences. User-level “Interest Based Notifications” can also be set up in each user’s profile.



Graphical search widgets help users navigate across multiple metadata-powered categories. Keyword search supports simple searches and full Boolean connectors (and, or, not) providing both everyday users and advanced users with search satisfaction.


Save and access frequently run searches, allowing for dynamically updated results. Add individual content items to an easy-to-access Favorites area.


Share content and saved searches among users, while respecting access permissions. Notifications of shared content flow are simultaneously sent to each user’s inbox and corporate email account.

Mobile Access

Your portal and the corresponding intelligence behind it have been completely optimized for mobile viewing while maintaining all of the robust security and permissions that are included with the full browser version.