Find out what the competition’s up to and how it will affect you. 

Understanding how your competitors are positioning and promoting services, packages and offerings is critical in a market where multiple providers offer an ever-widening range of products. The challenge: this same proliferation of providers and products makes it daunting to keep track of who’s doing what – and when they're doing it.

The solution: A team of dedicated media analysts who come to work each business day to watch over your marketplace, catalog your competitors’ product and promotional initiatives and report important activity to you in a highly accessible, built-for-comprehension format.

One Touch Intelligence analysts are available to provide on-call consultation and a variety of support services to support ad-hoc research requests

Sectors covered inlcude: Residential, Business Services, Wireless, OTT and Home Security.


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Promotional Reports

From summaries of key advertising messages to calendar views of ongoing promotions organized by competitor, OTI's Promotional Reports provide deep visibility into competitor marketing behaviors.