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The One Touch Intelligence Portal solves growing challenges around the organization and distribution of market intelligence. The result: Your organization becomes smarter while your research and marketing teams are liberated from time-consuming burdens of daily document and information management.

The One Touch Intelligence Portal is a fully hosted, fourth-generation proprietary online distribution platform enabling secure publishing, storage, access, and distribution ofyourmarket intelligence assets. From internal and third-party research studies to overnight audience ratings reports – and more – critical business knowledge for your staff can quickly be discovered and distributed. An intuitive user interface organizes vast volumes of documents and digital files into an easily accessible repository of business and market intelligence.

Here are six reasons why the One Touch Intelligence Portal provides superior results for research and marketing professionals in the media and communications industry.

1. Centralized access to market intelligence assets. With the One Touch Intelligence Portal, your organization has 24/7 access to an online content management resource that makes it easy for your colleagues to find the intelligence they need. Fine-tuned and market-proven search tools go beyond generalized keyword inquiries to help produce on-target results with just a few clicks.

2. Dedicated content management support. Your market intelligence support program goes beyond the power of proven technology. Our highly skilled team of full-time content management professionals works from an agreed-upon set of business rules to organize, manage, tag and post your documents and files to your portal – and to provide outstanding client support whenever you need it.

3. Customized organization, branding and structure. It’s your intelligence. That’s why we make it easy for you to align your portal’s structure with how your organization works. And to brand your portal any way you like. The content management features of the One Touch Intelligence Portal allow for customized categorization and accessibility of market intelligence assets. Your portal will speak your language from day one.

4. Secure storage and distribution. We regard research and intelligence the same way you do: As mission-critical and highly sensitive. That’s why the One Touch Intelligence Portal provides multiple layers of security access along with secure content distribution tools for designating and grouping access rights. Only those individuals with proper authorization can access files.

5. Knowledge sharing through collaboration. Every day, the market changes. And so do your intelligence assets. We’ve designed the key features and functionality of the One Touch Intelligence Portal with a keen sensitivity to the fluid quality of market intelligence. With the One Touch Intelligence Portal, it’s easy not just to access your intelligence assets but to invite cross-organizational intelligence sharing through easy-to-use, rights-controlled collaboration and sharing tools.

6. Solutions to fit your exact needs. The One Touch Intelligence portfolio of document management solutions ranges from full-service intelligence platforms backed by dedicated content-management teams to self-service intelligence platforms that solve your document-management challenges at a lower cost. Contact us today to help identify the One Touch Intelligence portal solution that’s perfect for your organization.


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