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VIDEOTRAK helps television industry participants understand the emerging economics and dynamics of the online video sector by offering exclusive analysis of the providers, products, business approaches, and market statistics that are shaping the fast-growing category.

VideoTrak Components

Analytical Reports: 

VIDEOTRAK Sector Analysis Report: Authoritative monthly report featuring analysis of key online video developments, backed by in-depth research.

VIDEOTRAK In Focus: Single-subject quarterly report illuminating specific products, companies and strategies in detail.

VIDEOTRAK Executive Digest: The VIDEOTRAK Executive Digest provides a concise weekly analysis of the top trends across the multichannel video provider, programmer and online video ecosystem.

TV and Movie Content Analysis:

VIDEOTRAKER Online TV and Movie Tracking:

Comprehensive database and executive analysis of episode-specific television programs and full-length feature films from Hulu, Netflix, top MVPDs and the most-watched network sites.

VIDEOTRAKER Video On Demand Tracking: 

Detailed database and executive analysis of episode-specific television programs, premium programming and feature films that are available from the top DBS, Telco and MSO providers including DIRECTV, DISH Network, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse.

VIDEOTRAKER Cross Platform Windowing Studies: 

A comprehensive and timely view of windowing patterns at work within the online and VOD video categories across the top Broadcast and Cable networks; the projects identify the “lag time” between a TV program’s air date on the linear schedule and its arrival on Internet video platforms and VOD libraries.

Data Analysis:

Content and Technology Provider Census: Updated weekly, this report offers at-a-glance depictions of IP video delivery platforms, content providers, and their market progression. From Blu-ray player models to Internet-connected videogame consoles to streaming-video services, it provides current, detailed views into the U.S. IP video marketplace. 

APPSTRAK™ Scorecard: A database of video applications fielded by 40+ television programmers and related multichannel video providers. Our monthly report tracks the distribution of TV video via mobile applications, including on-demand and lives streaming elements.

On-call Analyst Support: Subscribers to our VIDEOTRAK services will receive complimentary on-call support from the OTI analyst team for related questions, fact checks, summary discussions, and referrals. Analysts are also available for staff and company presentations either on-line or on-site.

Reference Library: Subscribers to our VIDEOTRAK services will receive online access to our searchable library of VIDEOTRAK articles published since January 2009.