Get ahead in the OTT video revolution.

The most profound disruption to the television industry is happening before our eyes as MVPDs, OTT video entrants and content providers jockey for positions in a video environment that has been jolted by the power and possibilities of digital delivery. To help you make informed decisions, One Touch Intelligence has assembled an unparalleled suite of services that answer current and critical questions about television’s digital transformation.

Our dedicated team of analysts monitor and report on critical OTT video marketplace determinants including content offerings, exhibition windows, application/device integrations, advertising loads and more. Every business day, our team watches, observes and catalogs everything from new program additions/deletions to capabilities of on-screen UIs to OTT video device compatibility. The result is a comprehensive, highly detailed intelligence suite that provides a waterfront perspective on the critical drivers of the OTT video category.


Availability: Daily monitoring, expert analysis and on-call consultation to keep you in the loop, and in the lead.

Relevance: Granular analysis and custom reporting on competitor product features and strategies.

Experience: For more than 12 years, we've been producing and delivering critical business knowledge to some of the largest players in the industry.

Knowledge: Our team possesses decades of experience in the media and communications sectors, translating to deep understanding of products, players, strategies and economics.