Know what your competitors are advertising, offering and promoting. The moment it happens.

When your competitor breaks a new advertising campaign that puts new pressure on your products and pricing, how will you know? Here’s how. Our media analyst team, working with best-in-class data partners, provides a full spectrum of market level intelligence on competitor advertising, offers, messaging and pricing metrics to help you compete more effectively. Timely reports include detailed depictions of competitive advertising activity, promotional offers and associated advertising spend calculations that help you understand – and often predict –competitor behaviors. 


Synthesis: Our analysts triangulate from multiple data inputs to provide you with a comprehensive, 360-degree view of advertising and promotional activity.

Experience: Our team has decades of combined experience in media spending, advertising monitoring and messaging analysis.

Tenacity: We watch over the marketplace every business day to make sure you’re up to date on competitor promotional and pricing activity.

Agility: We’re attuned to even the most nuanced of pricing/packaging changes. Which means you will be too.