From DSL trends to video strategies, everything you need to know about a changing telco marketplace.


TELCOTRAK® is an all-inclusive market intelligence service that provides information and insight into activities undertaken by leading telecommunications and telephony providers. Through these exclusive reports, your company will gain timely insights into market activities, programming and product comparisons, competitive business metrics and marketing, advertising and pricing strategies. Drawing on dozens of information sources, from public documents to published news reports, we survey the changing telco landscape every business day. So you don’t have to.

One Touch Intelligence analysts are available to provide on-call consultation and a variety of support services to support ad-hoc research requests. OTI Portal customers can also get access to our searchable online Telco reference archive, providing access to complete library of TELCOTRAK articles published since 2008.

Analytical reports

Published twice per month, these detailed reports convey news and analysis of competitive initiatives and strategies undertaken by primary Telco competitors.

In Focus Series

Published monthly, these detailed reports support informed business decisions by examining individual products and marketing initiatives advanced by Telco providers.

Competitive Alerts

Notification of critical business intelligence through concise summaries plus perspectives and recommendations based on breaking news you need to understand right now.