We're here to answer the call.

Every hour of every day our analysts track and evaluate marketplace developments large and small. As a result, we might have just the information or insight you’re looking for. Clients have unfettered access to our intelligence team for on-the-spot advisement, data sharing and idea exchange. As a One Touch Intelligence client, we'll operate as an extension of your staff. Always available. Always informed.


Special requests eagerly accepted.  

Hardly a week goes by when we aren’t at work creating custom analyses requested by our clients. Whether it’s a fresh way to look at existing data or some serious burrowing to find out new information you need, we’re here to help. And with deep expertise in your markets, we’re uniquely able to understand exactly what you’re looking for.


Invite fresh perspectives to your next staff meeting or presentation. 

For a novel perspective, eye-opening insight or a thoughtful read on the market, give us a call. One Touch Intelligence analysts and experts appear frequently at client locations to share observations, ideas and reactions to what’s going on in the marketplace.  We’re always on time. And always on point.