Positioned at the intersection of television networks, advertising strategy and the new digital video environment.  


Based on proprietary monitoring and surveying activity, ADTRAKER examines advertising insertions occurring over multiple video networks and multiple delivery platforms to provide revealing data about advertising volumes, insertion practices, advertising categories and more.

Through monthly interactive dashboards and comparisons, ADTRAKER provides detail and insight about the business practices and trends that are driving new possibilities in ad-supported digital media.

Three current shows from each Network are captured each month across all Platforms (when available) after the episode has transitioned to D4 (one-hour shows are given preference). Reporting is offered through an interactive portal, allowing you to look at individual networks, individual platforms, side-by-side comparison, or best practices across the entire dataset.


Industry Best Practices

Mid-roll vs. Pre-roll

Paid vs. Promo vs. PSA

Ad Duration by Network across Platforms

Fast Forward Disabled

Trends over Time


Advertiser Analysis

Compare Ad Categories and Brands across Networks or Network Groups

Paid vs. Promo vs. PSA by Platform across Networks

Ad Fatigue Analysis: Volume and Duration of Repetitive Advertising by Network